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All about the ARA

Welcome to the website for Aboyne Residents Association (ARA). The ARA has been around since the late 1980s. Our association is open to all residents who live within our 15 streets (see ARA map for more details). 


We work to improve local facilities and protect our part of the Conservation Area, a vibrant mix of private, rented and social housing. Being close to the city centre creates benefits and challenges - such as parking pressures. Our aim is to achieve a balance between residents, local businesses, and the many visitors to our city, and work to create A BETTER SENSE OF NEIGHBOURHOOD. 


So far the ARA has -


• saved Aboyne Lodge Primary School from being bulldozed by the developers

• stopped a main road being built through Gombards car park

• established residents parking when our streets were a parking free-for-all


Living where we do, there will always be development issues. It’s essential that we, as residents, work collectively to have our voice heard. We all have a valuable contribution to make to any proposals affecting our lives and the area we live in.





Chair's Welcome



I’ve been fortunate enough to step into this role at a point where our organisation is now well established. I’m also following in the footsteps of two strong and experienced chairs – Mary Conneely and Brian Benson – and I share their ethos.


We’re currently a small committee of around 6, supported by a further half dozen or so street reps, all of whom know their area well, and without whose time and effort our association would struggle. 


We’re a determined bunch. We really value where we live and our aim is to protect and fight for all the aspects of city centre living that make it a great place to be. 


Inevitably we spend a lot of our time on subjects such as parking, planning and licensing. The wheels of local government can move very slowly at times - and surprisingly quickly at others, when important meetings are called at short notice. We aim to be able to respond to all sorts of developments, big or small, immediate or long term, and to let you know about them too. Attention to detail and persistence are vital for any residents association, but what unites us is the shared belief that the conservation area is worth fighting for and maintaining. To that end, we work closely with local councillors, council officials, adjoining RAs and any organisations which are based in our area. 


Alongside that, we aim to promote a stronger sense of neighbourhood. It’s this that drives the ARA - the Aboyne area matters to all of us who live here and whose many qualities we value and enjoy. 



Fiona Couper

The ARA committee - (l to r) 

Barry Cropper, deputy chair; Christine McLauchlan; Fiona Couper, chair; Sue Noon;

Nigel Gale, treasurer: Julia Duschenes, secretary

Join Us and Play Your Part


We welcome new members - for details go to our contact page.  


  • If you'd like to join our committee or find out more about becoming involved we'd love to hear from you.

  • if you have knowledge or expertise in an area that would be useful to us (for example planning, publicity, local government, legal) then please talk to us about how we might benefit from your experience.

  • If you'd like to contribute to the history of our area go to Our Area Page


So please, make contact and find out more - a longer conversation is not a commitment. You can also email us at

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