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Our Area - then and now


Our streets have a rich history. Many of our homes were built just over a century ago, and many of us have researched this history and have fascinating facts to offer. So this is your page - we want you to contribute your stories, whether it’s about the story of your house, who lived in it, who built it; or pictures of how we lived then, and how we live now.  Or just send us an email with links to articles and stories for all to share.


To start things off, we’ve uncovered the history of the real Aboyne Lodge - there was in fact an actual Lodge, a beautiful house that once stood close to where Aboyne Lodge School is now -


And if you are interested in how St Albans has changed over the years, this wonderful YouTube video will delight you.



Please get in touch regarding your contributions at



Selby Avenue, St Albans

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